More odds and sods, more bits and pieces

A slight pause for breath here as yet another subject theme is started, that’ll be just in case I have nothing to do. I’ve started a new and ongoing print in the ‘Skyline’ series but because of a comment by a follower of the blog I’m returning to some old sketch book work from the time when I was at art school in the mid-1960’s. The comment that struck a chord was a suggestion that there’s ‘nothing wrong with going back to school’ so I’ve taken the suggestion as a challenge and decided to revisit subject a subject and bring it up to date. The subjects in question are the ramshackle pigeon lofts, those strange and seemingly random constructions that were always built in the back gardens and on the allotments of the pigeon fanciers and enthusiasts. The other thing that I noticed as I hunted around for old subject references is how the sketch and drawing books have, over the years, become planning and notebooks with the reference to how colours are mixed, colour mixing and record keeping rather than just drawing books. Maybe it’s getting older and something to do with forgetfulness, I’ll stick with thinking I’m totally thorough and developmental in my record keeping. Meanwhile at the top left is one of the old drawings of pigeon lofts and bottom right is drawing from somewhere on or near the Black Path near one of the Middlesbrough steelworks.

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