North East Industrial Prints. Somewhere in Cleveland

Inevitably while searching for something completely different up in the loft I came across this worked-up sketch of some Jet Miners cottages that were, as I remember, somewhere between Kildale and Great Ayton, they must still be there hugging the hillside and I’m sure they are now very desirable residences. When I’m out with our two Jack Russell Terriers I’ve checking old barns and farm buildings where I have permission to root through ‘treasure’ to find a suitable length of plank to produce a woodcut of the image. Now the big questions are: a) Do I limit the size so that it fits on my press or, b) Print a larger image by hand onto some Japanese paper that I have? I’ll let that major decision circulate the old grey matter for while before I make up my mind. The original sketch has faded a little with the passage of time but I do remember that the moorland was purple with Heather and Ling so that element will have to be re-introduced, meanwhile I must carry out some research to find out the precise geographic location. Simply saying ‘in our loft’ is not quite accurate or good enough. Now it’s back to another linocut that I’m working on with subject matter from the same area but with a more industrial bias.


    1. Gavin, Many thanks for verifying the location. Once I get the woodcut completed I will send you a copy. At the moment I’m near Skelton or Brotton with my linocut but the original reference was drawn in 1964… The passage of time is quite frightening. ATB, John. PS next year we plan trip back up to the Teesside, Bilsdale area where I lived as a child so I will buy you a beer! ATB, John


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