Coming along nicely. Another North East work in progress

I decided to take a different approach to the cutting and production of this linoblock. Rather than draw the image up in ink the route to the image is much more loose and direct because I simply ‘drew’ the image straight onto the Lino with a cutting tool, I suppose using the gouge like a pencil is the easiest way to describe the method. Make a mistake and it’s unforgiving and permanent, there’s no rubbing it out or wiping it clean and starting again, the mistake is all yours. The photograph shows the first three printings and the key block which I’ll keep whittling away at until I’m ready to print it. The basic image is taken from an old sketch book from the 1960’s, so there’ll be more next week when the print is finished, successfully I hope. Going back to the post last week I’ve found a huge Victorian floorboard in an old barn and have permission to take some two foot lengths out of it for the woodcut inspired by ‘Somewhere in Cleveland’ image. Once again it’s a case of ‘watch this space’.

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