Fenland Prints. Ripening

After taking a break from printing to catch up on the exciting jobs that needed doing around the house I’ve managed to get most of them completed, not all but most, gable ends stone painted, fences painted, sheds and summerhouse painted and so on and so forth, all very exciting. The work involved paintbrushes so at least it was a kind of art. Anyway, two weeks ago I started to work on an experimental print that involved fourteen separate printings, whether it works or not is a different debate but I have to say that I’ve learned a lot and some of the newly acquired knowledge will be carried on into the next heavy duty multiple colour linocut. The danger with so many printings is that you can disappear up the backside of your attempted creativity but I’m seventy percent happy with the finished result and the learning curve has been steep but information has been assimilated. Ripening. A linocut printed in fourteen colours on 300gsm Fabriano 5 Hot Pressed in an edition of ten. Size approximately 150mm x 150mm.

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