Fenland Prints. Experiments with frost and snow

I’m back to using the gouges, cutters and knives with a vengeance now and the main thrust of the work has been sorting out a very important domestic job. How to handle our Christmas card. The desire was for the card to feature snow or frost but how do you show that in a different way to the snowy blanket approach? Mind you I suppose it’s all a little bit of a Christmas cliche but what’s wrong with a good solid old fashioned cliche? And if you also learn something from the process of experimenting there’s nothing wrong with that either. Anyway, at the top is the experimental print before the frost and snow was added and below one of the experiments with the frost and snow applied. One suggestion from one of our grandsons was ‘what about some glitter Grandad’, I thought about it and rejected the idea as being far too tacky but then began to think why not? Well, maybe next year I’ll think about adding some glitter to an already tacky cliche. What could possibly go wrong?

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