Fenland prints. The orange river

Finally, after constantly working away at the block, in fact I couldn’t walk past it without taking another small piece away, I stopped and printed the second colour. As I said in my last post the print is a bit of an experiment, but it seems to work, although it is very different to my normal method and style of cutting the block. Originally my intention was for the river to pick up and reflect the red evening sky, probably a homage to ‘Johnny and The Hurricanes’ and ‘Red River Rock’ but the red was a little crude and somehow the orange was much gentler but equally powerful. Right, that’s got the critical and arty reasoning and justification out of the way. I’ve got a few more ideas on the theme of trees and their place in the Fenland landscape drifting around my head so I’ll just have to see where the theme takes me. Meanwhile, somewhat belatedly, I’ve started another print in the terrier series and drawn up a woodblock for a cut based on the landscape of the North Yorkshire Moors, so I’ll be keeping myself busy. Watch this space.

Orange River is printed in an edition of ten on 300gsm Fabriano 5HP. Image area 210mm x 150mm approximately.


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