Through a rose window

A Christmas present that I was lucky to receive brought the welcome and exciting pleasure of opening a parcel that contained some printing inks. Inks from a supplier that I’ve never used before and three absolutely beautiful colours plus a warm black: Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Orange Hue and Rose, so I had to quickly test and try at least one pot and decided on Rose. More of a shade of Fuchsia really but who’s quibbling, certainly not me. A few hours rapid cutting on two blocks and here’s the result, ‘Rose Window’. Driving back from pike fishing one evening and the sky turned pink from the setting sun, the branches of the trees by the river looked looked like the lead tracery in a stained glass window, the river a slightly paler hue of the same colour. The fact that the main colour was the new ‘Rose’ ink obviously assisted in the choice of title for the experiment. Now the plan is to develop the theme and to revisit this subject so, along with a few other ideas, we’ll see where the journey takes the prints.


  1. As usual, I am intrigued by your creation. I like the way you put this beautiful rose hue to work in this piece. Aptly titled, the branches do indeed look like lead tracery in stained glass – reflecting a particularly delightful memory.


    1. Thanks Linda, It was a really swift pice of cutting to test the inks. Impatience you could say! Now I need to start serious cuts again and to rework and print ‘Rose window’. It’s all a learning process. All the best, John


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