The last of the Parson Jack Russell series

That’s our super hairy broken-coated Parson Jack Russell Terrier Lucie above, she’s our youngest Terrier, and she’s finally cut and printed in four colours. The block wasn’t an easy one to cut and print but I must say that as always while I’m unhappy with some aspects of the cut I really have learned a lot about cutting hard wood, in this case American White Tulip Wood. It could be that the most important lesson to be learned from this exercise is ‘don’t do another’ but we all always go back for more frustration, punishment and irritability. Well I do anyway? Just to add a further layer of stupidity there’s a little voice in my mind saying come on, why not cut a life-size block of all of them, I don’t know about all of them, maybe just one life-size image. Who said that? However I now need to get a complete set of the Terrier prints framed, somebody did ask for a complete set but I can’t remember who it was. That’s the problem when a small project takes a lot of time to complete because of other seemingly more important projects overtaking the one one you should be working on and completing. OK, next project please. Ah yes, the Laburnum tree.


    1. Linda, Obviously it’s not going to be the last! Perhaps it seeing some slabs of wood in the shed yesterday. hand printed, two stencilled colours, unconsciously I’m already working the sequence out. best wishes, John

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