The lonesome laburnum

Another print inspired by a tree or trees, it’s part of the series started by ‘Blackthorn Winter’ and yet again it’s an experiment with process and technique. When you wander around Fenland you find odd trees that look as if they should be in a garden rather than growing in a hedgerow or the corner of an orchard, the pea like seeds of a laburnum could have been carried by a bird but sometimes the answer is that once there was a long demolished cottage on the site and the tree must have come from an original tree quite possibly planted in the 19th century. These lonely trees are strangely eerie, a bit like old photographs, and they’re becoming a bit of an obsession. The print has an experimental side to it in the handling process of the Lino to print the flowers, I etched the Lino to break up and texture the surface, then the flower shapes were cut and printed from the etched Lino as if it was an etching plate to give me texture and a build-up of ink and differing strengths of yellow. An interesting and time consuming exercise and not one for the Lino print purists.


  1. I LOVE trees, as I may have told you. This one is exquisite and I especially like the story that accompanies it. Of course, I was intrigued because I have never seen a laburnum and I don’t believe they grow here in the U.S. I was so curious I looked them up and discovered that they are poisonous – which adds a mystique to its beauty, I suppose. Anyway, thank you for sharing!


    1. Good morning Linda,
      I’ve tried to reply twice but WordPress seems to have had some gremlins in the works, anyway here goes again! laburnum are poisonous but but you’d have to eat an awful lot of seeds sa an adult for them to kill you. The trees are the pea family and that’s the problem for children, my father had a beauty in the from garden when I was a child and when he heard about a child fatality down it came. If you like laburnum look up the ‘Laburnum Walk’ at Bodnant Gardens in Cornwall in South West England, quite spectacular. Take care. Kind Regards, John.

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