A church, somewhere in Suffolk

I’ve been working on this print for a couple of weeks now, sorry about the rather poor photograph, and it’s a print that’s going to be used on a book jacket. That explains the blog silence but there’ll be more details about the book and its launch in a further post, meanwhile I’m happy with this the final print. The cut has twelve separate printings, hence the amount of production time, and I’ve cut the blocks in the same way that I draw using the tools like a pencil so it has loose and sketchy approach. Basically the very loose approach gives the feeling of an impression rather that of a tight carefully drawn representation. As I said more details will follow closer to the launch but for the moment it’s down to reading the manuscript for the second time then diviing into cutting the section headings and chapter end vignettes. This will entail at least sixteen more images produced as monochrome linocuts. Right, eyes down and looking. All other work and plans are on hold.


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