A church somewhere in Suffolk, finished

The print of the church is now finished, scanned and ready to go to the publishers leaving only the fifteen black and white chapter vignettes to be completed. Five of the vignettes are already cut and ready for proofing so once I have a larger number cut I’ll then have a day proofing a batch and finishing the first set, monochrome will seem strange after the colour assault above. I suppose I’d better be getting on with cutting them then.


    1. Linda,, Thank you for your kind comment. That print, for a friends book jacket, took over eighty hours of cutting and printing followed by hand printing the flowers with Japanese watercolour. A labour of love you could say! I’m cutting chapter headings now but it keeps me out of trouble according to my wife. By the way, I enjoyed your essay on the river, that brought some childhood memories back for me when I lived on a farm in the North Yorkshire Moors. Best wishes to you both and thank you. John

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