The chapter vignettes, all completed

After what seems like months of work the chapter heading vignettes are finished, well they are apart from one last check and adding any final tweaks to the images. The stages of production included a rough sketch, then loosely drawing the image onto the block in pen and ink, a first cut and proof, then final revisions to the block followed by a further proof. Now they’re in all safely in a folder while I have a rest from them before the final, very final check and then its time to begin scanning each image as a line image and an individual file. No wonder they’ve taken weeks to produce. Anyway, here they are spread out on the kitchen table in section and chapter order, it’s a little bit like your life passing before your eyes. The book itself, ‘Where are the fellows who cut the hay’, which is being published by Unbound, is at the crowd-funding stage gathering supporters and financial backing prior to production and a publishing launch as a hardback first edition.


  1. Oh, John! These are incredible. My only criticism is they aren’t large enough here for me to examine as closely as I would like. The tea kettle, et al and the fellow standing in the field appear to be my favorites. I am amazed at the time and patience that must be involved to produce this work. Where/when may I purchase your book?


    1. Thanks Linda, I’ll post a couple this coming weekend. We’re away this week in Leigh-on-Sea helping look after one grandson as another grandchild arrives on Wednesday. Almost boil water and tear sheets! I’m on the school run… If you go to Unbound Publishing in Brighton you’ll find details of the book under Robert Ashton, he’s the author. Best wishes, John

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