A brand new project

After almost a year out of circulation with a serious health problem it’s time to take up the linocutting tools and sketch books and get started again. I have started working on a new project about the little known Kentish Fenland, the fishing, the landscape, the wildlife, the characters and a little history too so hopefully there’ll be something for everyone in the book. I’m working with a friend who lives there in the Kentish Fenland and is the author, he’s providing me with his text and that is where the inspiration is coming from. At present we are preparing a presentation to a publisher that will comprise all of the unedited text along with four of my linocuts and a front cover design, then all being well the talking and negotiating will start. My intention is that the individual illustrations will be stand-alone and inspired by the chapters in the book but all things can change. The first linocut, illustrated here, is entitled ‘Where Perch live’ showing a simple and typical Fenland landscape and a pool in a small drain, just the kind of place where I love to fish, lonely, isolated and a little magical. The proof itself is in its first state so there’s still a little more cutting to do before a final proof is produced, the whole series will be in black and white but the front cover, well, we just don’t know yet. There’s a lot more to follow, so yet again, it’s watch this space.


  1. John. A years absence and as a pessimist I thought the worse. Glad to see you back and full of your usual enthusiasm. Put me down for a copy. Kentish fenland, is that Romney Marsh?
    Glad to see you back.


    1. Thanks Martin, all that from a routine visit to our Dentist. he was a bit worried, took pictures and four days later the Consultants Registrar was on the phone. A consultation, a biopsy that was horrendenous and in September a twelve and a half hour operatiom. Six teeth gone plus three quarters plus of my tongue rebuilt with a huge slab of my right thigh. they said I may have to learn to talk again and eating would be difficult. The radiotherapy was hell but it is over. They weren’t wrong about anything but here I am and lucky, talking and eating thanks to the brilliant NHS. Anyway updates on the book will appear on the blog so keep watching! Thanks for the support, ATB, John


  2. Good to hear you’re well enough to take on another project. I’m eagerly awaiting a copy of the Fellows who cut the Hay.
    We just need our team to reward your health with a play off win at Wembley.

    Good luck with the new illustrations.


    Martin Bellamy


    1. Good morning Martin, I’ll make sure you get a copy when it is published, the new book on the kentish Fenland is Northern Kent behind Deal and Margate and it was a new one on me. think the Kentish Stour, Canterbury. Not a large area but it surprised me. A yearwith the garden hardly touched means I have plenty to occupy me. The front garden is forty by thirty yards so I’m getting plenty of exercise plus walking the Terrier. Let’s hope Boro show some Terrier like instincts although I reckon Mr Carrick’s team selection against Luton was quite shrewd. All the best and I hope the house move has settled.


  3. Hooray!!!! I’m so glad to know you are feeling well enough to be back to doing something you love – and that you’re really good at. Your illness was no small thing and I applaud your determination. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.
    This first cut is quite nice. I can feel the wind blowing and the magic as well. Wishing you all the best with this project. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.


    1. Linda, Good evening and good to hear from you. The consultant says I’m in a good place and no more post operative radio therapy. I’ll see him every six weeks until Christmas than every nine weeks. If he’s happy I’m happy. The NHS have been brilliant as has my wife, a real rock who kept me grounded through the operation and post op treatment. harrowing but it seems to have worked. The other book is just going to press now, I’m working on the new one and another author wants me to illustrate theirs. I’m so busy it’s almost an irony!
      Thank you for your kind thoughts, they are much appreciated. Best wishes, John

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