Fenland prints

Just a single print for this post. Sue and I live in Upwell and when we first moved here Peter Carter had a shop full of curiosities in Outwell, the village next to us, and within a stone’s throw of the river too. By profession he was an eel fisherman although he has sadly retired from that pursuit to live in a remote fen. He made eel traps the traditional way as his family had for generations, laid hedges, made nets for ferreting and rabbiting and nets for fishing. Even goal nets too. In simple terms he was an eel man and a countryman. I sometimes see him on my pike fishing expeditions but sadly not often enough. As you can imagine he has more stories about Fenland than you can shake a stick at. Anyway, here’s a print of Peter punting along the creek to check his eel traps. It’s almost a portrait of him in his old boat come punt and it’s signed by Peter too. He did, of course, get a print.

Peter Carter. Eel man. Fen Man. Linocut in six colours printed on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP in an edition of ten. Image size 280mm x 230mm. £ 110.00

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