Fenland prints

Two more fenland prints that are very different in their subject matter. The first is one of the prints produced in the permanent quest to capture the psychedelic Fenland sunsets. The other is a ruined cottage next to a drain. I met the farmer one day when I was pike fishing and he told me that the family that lived there had to access their home by pulling a small boat or punt across the drain with a fixed rope. The rope was sunk in the river when it wasn’t in use and needless to say someone fell into the river in the depths of winter and drowned, after that the cottage gradually fell into disrepair and dereliction. I walk past it sometimes when I’m pike fishing and it is a very uneasy place and not somewhere to hang around. Just walk on by unless you enjoy being steeped in sense of ‘Fen Gothic’. It is very atmospheric and a better storyteller than I could, I am sure, weave a very atmospheric M.R. James kind of story about this uneasy old ruin.

Sun down. Linocut in five colours printed on 300 gsm Somerset Cream (Rough) Textured. Image size150mm x 150mm. £60.00

Fenland derelict. Linocut in eight colours printed on 300gsm Madrid Litho White. Image size 210mm x 210mm. £110.00

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