North East prints

A print that whose inspiration draws on a little nostalgia and memories from childhood. At weekends you would always see men riding bicycles with a wicker basket fastened behind the seat or on the handlebars and in the basket would be some racing pigeons. The pigeon fancier would ride out of town to a favourite location and release the birds one by one at an agreed time to return home to their loft where a fellow enthusiast would would log the time their journey took. In a way I suppose it was pigeon training for the big races but also an escape for the steel workers, shipyard workers and the men that worked in the huge chemical plants. Really fast pigeons were, and probably still are, worth a lot of money because as well as racing there was the breeding to think of and the business of showing the birds too. All-in-all a serious business.

Beat the clock. Linocut in eight colours printed on 300gsm Arches 88 in an edition of twelve. Image size 200mm x 260mm. £65.00

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