The Jack Russell Terrier book

A couple of years ago I produced a small, hand-made and limited edition book all about Jack Russell Terriers, I love all Terriers but particularly Jack Russell Terriers and simply cannot imagine life without them. Having them around my ankles, under my feet, stealing food, fighting with one another and walking miles with them. The finished book was limited to an edition of 300 copies and illustrated with lino cuts depicting Jack Russell Terriers we have owned and some from my imagination. Over the years all of our terriers have been named after fish, Pike, Ruffe, Minnow and Luce. The exception is Barney who we re-homed when he was five years old and consequently we were not involved in the naming process. As a compromise he sometimes gets his name changed to ‘Barnacle’ although he knows it’s him I’m talking to he seldom answers to the changed name. Stubborn, that’s a terrier. All of the illustrations featured in the book were also used on blank greetings cards too.

An observation and a guide to the many and varied types and characters of The Jack Russell Terrier. Hand printed in a limited edition of 300 copies, by letterpress. 32 pages plus separate dust cover 155mm x 155mm. £30.00 plus post & packing.

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