Angling and watery landscapes

This is a subject that I see quite lot of when I’m fishing for pike and perch in the rivers and drains of West Norfolk, derelict boats. They come in all shapes and sizes and in wood, fibre glass and steel. Strangely I get more upset about the wooden, and very much hand-made, boats that are forgotten about and just left with no cover, open to the elements, filling with water and debris until one day you walk by and there they are under three or four feet of water. This wooden skiff can, or could, still be saved and I’m sure if I asked the farmer he’d lift it out with his tractor or teleporter and bring it to the house. If I did bring the boat home I can already hear the cries from the boss of ‘oh no, not another project’. Maybe it would be simpler to propose buying a brand new boat complete with an outboard motor but I rather think I’ll have to pick my moment very, very carefully indeed.

Forgotten. Linocut printed in three colours on 300gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of ten. Image size 150mm x 150mm. £75.00.

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