Odds and sods, bits and pieces

I made the mistake of rooting around in one of my plans chests this week and found these early prints that were specifically produced as angling greetings cards. Some of the images went on to be cover illustrations for a series of angling anthologies published by The Medlar Press, anyway I decided to commit them to a little digital archiving and seeing them I realised that there are as many again that I can’t find. There’s nothing like having a rigorous and stringent storage and filing system, or perhaps not. I’m sure, no I’m confident, that they’ll turn up eventually but here are some examples of those early linocuts at least. These small prints are roughly 75mm x 75mm and they all have extra colours added by printing watercolour, a process that takes an awful long time to produce each print but it does make every print very different. It’s not a technique for the purist printmaker and that’s a group that I am definitely not a member of. Next week there’ll be a post about the next print in the new landscape series. Exciting or what?


  1. John

    Always been a fan of your “float” series. Assume Tench Bubbles is one of the missing ones?




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