Fenland prints

A new and experimental print where I have been trying what I call the ‘jewel box’ effect of lots of colours on a small print. The subject is boring and ordinary, a brick built red shed standing on a track, the building isn’t even the size of a domestic garage but I would be delighted to see just what is stored inside. Old motorbikes? Farming equipment? Most probably junk that might well ‘come in one day’, that’s the Norfolk normal. I’d still like to have a look inside though. Anyway, back to the image, the print has given me food for thought because it was exceptionally difficult to produce despite being small, but the lessons learned can be applied to simpler prints. Subconsciously I suppose I was trying to recreate and control the serendipity of the happy accidents that occur with the layers of colour and different finishes on my make-ready sheets which, of course, you cannot really control at all. In all printmaking no time is wasted time as long as you remember the lessons that your work has taught you as you cut, mix inks, and print. Those lessons apply whether you consider the print a success or failure.

Red shed. Experimental linocut printed in nine colours on 300gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of ten. Image area 150mm x 150mm. £65.00


  1. John. Just love the sky, hope that doesn’t make me anti shed? Somehow didn’t find the time to tell you how good last weeks River Delph was. Her in doors took my cheque book away, but Christmas is coming – is that the first mention of the “C” word on this blog?




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