Odds and sods, bits and pieces

I haven’t posted one for a while, at this point my followers cheer, but here is another make-ready this time mostly in monochrome. Actually I’m being a bit disingenuous calling it a make-ready because the bulk of the image is a huge cock-up caused by forgetting to put a sheet of paper on the roller to print on. Away you go with your print and there’s the roller covered in ink and the tacky backing sheet on the roller has to be removed and replaced or you end up printing on both sides of the paper. Students were very good at creating these situations. The image is then allowed to dry and messed around with as a sort of make-ready but in the main you are reducing the ink on the type prior to cleaning up. I still like the image and it’s one I’d quite like to frame, in fact I could hold a small exhibition of make-ready, cock-ups and disasters. Later I’ll post a blog about the detailed joys of make-ready, the kind of images that you try to reproduce from and create consistently but never seem to be able to. Maybe animating the accidental image would be the way to go but I think I’ll just enjoy the image.

Happy accident and make-ready print. Printed on the roller backing paper.


      1. I love this about printing – I know uniformity is key with most printing techniques but I love the individuality of these “mistakes”


      2. The purists like every print to be exactly the same but I like the variability of the process, it’s why I use the abbreviation EV on some prints meaning ‘Edition Variable’, same subject but they’re all slightly or very different. To me it is part of the charm and the learning experience. I know printmakers who destroy the variable prints. I say embrace the accidents and learn and at the same time increase your knowledge bank. Your interest is much appreciated, stay safe. Best wishes, John

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