North East industrial prints

Three more of the prints prints produced for Old Town in Holt, North Norfolk. (Please see the post on August 1 for the first in the series). The four prints in the series were cut, produced and printed over three days for use in a publicity newspaper and they used the same colour theme as ‘The Black Path’. The prints were not editioned because as long as there was one good print for the printer to reproduce from the job was a good one. Loosely they are all from memories of the North East of England in the Sixties, the grocery delivery boy, the Lounge Bar of a public house in Middlesbrough and a view based loosely on Saltburn Pier. I remember delivering groceries on one of those highly unstable bicycles with rod brakes, they were hard to get going, hard to stop and unstable, particularly on wet cobbles and paviours, they’d call them setts then. For all that my pay was 12/6d a week for two days work, or 62.5p in today’s money. Anyway I digress, the shop on the corner draws on memories of Dyson’s on the corner of St. Barnabas’ Road and I think Bush Street. The Lounge Bar with the huge Bass mirror is typical of the vast majority of Bass houses of the period (where did all those wonderful mirrors go?) and Saltburn Pier is still there, albeit a little shorter. I remember the Pier from night fishing sessions in the depths winter for cod with my father and his brother, my Uncle Clarry. It was always freezing on those outings and I was the one in short trousers that was told to stop moaning about the cold, wind, frost, rain and or snow. Sympathy was always in short supply.

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