Odds and sods, bits and pieces

Christmas cards. Every year I say that last year’s production was the last print run and I will produce no more but this year it’s a compromise so the run is going to be shorter, much shorter. The first card that I produced back in the mid-nineties had a run of twenty cards then, gradually, the number produced gradually rose to a run of over sixty cards. A lot of work, in fact a serious amount of work. Needless to say the cards featured the terriers that we had then and the main subject was always pike fishing. Our first Jack Russell terrier was called Pike so that established the link but over the years the subject became water, and terriers and that developed into landscape and now the Fenland landscape. And guess what? Time has marched around to that time of year again when I need to start thinking about what to do for this year’s Christmas card, apart from printing a reduced number to increase the rarity value. That’s a bit of a delusion statement. Here are two old cards ‘Walking with the fishes’ and ‘Nice and warm in here Minnow’. The first shows the trudge back to the car through the snow, something we never see now, after an afternoon’s pike fishing and on the other card our two Jack Russell Terriers enjoying the warmth of the wood burner in the boat on an icy evening. Sensible dogs.

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