Fenland prints

A winter’s day on the Old Bedford River looking roughly south towards the little Fenland village of Welney, which is six or seven miles away as the crow flies and the drain runs. For me it’s pike fishing land, the landscape and the waterways combine to give it a unique atmosphere whatever the weather conditions are and when it snows the silence can be almost deafening. The landscape of what seems like the endless flat fenland isn’t everyone’s cup of tea because most of the view is sky, a huge area of sky, and in a way it’s like being at sea but when the fog rolls in and scale and definition disappears you feel as if you are suspended somewhere between the earth and the sky. We both love the fenland landscape and when we’ve been away and drive into the the gradually flattening landscape there’s a sigh of relief because we know that we’re home.

Cold Old Bedford. A linocut printed in four colours on 300gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of ten. Image area approximately 210mm x 210mm. £85.00


  1. How evocative. Feel like there, John! I went piking this morning funnily enough, on some dykeland outside of Sandwich in Kent. Caught a jack- the first of the season- And got a nice sunrise, too…


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