Fenland prints

This new print has been a bit of an experiment really, well, intact it’s been quite a lot of an experiment. I’m not totally happy with it but the Boss likes the finished article so who am I to complain, I’ll just whinge and moan about the parts of the process that didn’t go as I had hoped and planned. As I always say it’s all part of the personal learning process and the journey, still doesn’t stop you having a quiet moan and whinge on to yourself though. There’s a mix of techniques in the print as well as linocut printing including; mono-printing, wiping and stencilling as well as trying to manipulate the inks themselves into different finishes and textures. The subject of the print is the Eel Grass that grows in the river and I see it all the time when I’m fishing, well I do until the winter frosts finally lay it low. I call it Eel Grass but I believe that is only found in inshore waters in the sea and the correct name for it in freshwater is Sweet Grass so now you know, anyway, it swirls and twists around in the gentle currents just like green hair sometimes appearing and sometimes totally disappearing from view only to mysteriously re-appear again from where the currents have taken it. The finished print, Eel Grass, is printed in ten colours including five printings from linoblocks, two colours by mono-print and three from stencils.

Eel Grass. A linoprint in ten colours including five linoblock printings, two colours by monoprint and three stencils in an edition of ten. Image size 310mm x 215mm. £165.00

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